Storefront Casting and Design is a new company incubated at Storefront Theatre of Indianapolis created to help centralize and facilitate the casting/hiring process for professional actors, designers and theaters in Central Indiana.

For Individuals & Companies

  • We are creating a centralized place for posting auditions and design and tech jobs for local professional theaters.


For Designers and Technicians

  • We are compiling a database of local designers and technicians to help theatres find new talent.


For Actors

Our casting database can be used to:

  • Create Generals for local professional companies
  • Fill more detailed casting needs for other companies


For Theatre Companies


  • We can systematize your entire casting process:
  • We can put out the casting call or add it to more places
  • We can organize and run your auditions, you just have to show up. From setting audition times to printing out sides to bringing you pens during the casting session to sending out thank you emails, we can help facilitate the entire process.
  • If you need to see more actors for a specific role we can use our database to send you a list of qualified actors you have yet see.

If you are interested in hiring a new designer or technician, we can send a list of appropriate candidates for you to consider.

To upload your information to our database, please click here: 

For more information please email Storefront Casting and Outreach Director Katie Horwitz: